It's simple really NATURE and COFFEE!

My two great loves.
I live on a beautiful peninsula surrounded by water that
inspires me everyday to take my coffee outside. I love to drink my daily coffee
with the wind in my hair, the sand in my toes, gazing at the glorious water

Well, this is my ideal day and it does happen sometimes, thankfully. Most days, my daily coffee is on the go with kids, meetings, dog
walking and LIFE.

From our mantra of Drink Coffee - Live Life while doing our
small part to protect our magnificent planet, the coffee sling was born. The
Neo Joe coffee sling is the new way to carry takeaway coffee, the simple,
versatile, reusable way.

Adopting the habit of using reusable items is an easy way to
reduce single use waste and play a small part in appreciating and preserving
nature. We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly we need
millions of us doing it imperfectly.

So whenever and wherever you drink your takeaway coffee, we
hope that our Neo Joe Coffee Slings make your day a little bit easier and a lot
more fun!
Mel X